What we look for in a business plan

A clear, succinct summary of your idea in as few words as possible.

The Company
A clear explanation of who occupies the leadership roles, why, and how they will contribute towards shaping a flexible, customer-focused company.

The Problem
A demonstration of the problem your idea solves, using testing or feedback. Bear in mind solving large problems in large markets is more attractive (and lucrative!) than solving small problems in small markets.

The Solution
A description of the solution you have devised to address this problem, including a detailed description of functionality and the current stage of development.

The Competition
A description of the key competitors, why your solution is superior to these, and what factors will allow your solution to gain higher market share.

The Customer
A clear, thorough explanation of methods for customer acquisition, and the costs.

The Business Model
Explanations of revenue generation, and of spending measured against clear milestones. In addition, growth projections, Profit & Loss, cash flow and balance sheet demonstrated to a three year period.

Other issues
If relevant, include how timing or changes in the competitive landscape affect your business plan.