Creative Capital Fund

Funding Application Form

This on-line form will guide you through the process of making an application to the CCF.

Before describing your business in more detail, please answer the following 4 questions to determine whether your company is eligible to receive investment from the CCF.

If you are unsure about any of these questions, please refer to our Application Guidelines

Question 1

Is or will your business be a Small or Medium Sized Enterprise (SME)?

Yes:  No:

Question 2

Is your business unquoted? (i.e. not listed on an exchange such as the London Stock Exchange)

Yes:  No:

Question 3

Does your business have its principal place of business or a majority of its operations or people in Greater London? If not, would you be willing to relocate your business to London? (For Greater London definition please see relevant section of FAQs).

Yes:  No:

Question 4

Does your business operate in a creative sector? (A full definition of the creative sector is given in the Application Guidelines)

Yes:  No:

Question 5

Are you looking to raise more than 75,000 in equity for your business?

Yes:  No:

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AXM Venture Capital Limited is authorised and regulated by the FSA.

The Creative Capital Fund acts for the funds it is contracted to manage or advise and not for any other client. It will not act for or be responsible for providing investor protection to any other party. Entrepreneurs, co-investors and others working with the CCF should be aware of this and should not expect to be treated as clients of the CCF.

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