Creative Capital Fund

Currently not accepting new applications

The Creative Capital Fund is currently no longer investing in London as all of our funds are now committed. There may however be an opportunity to invest in the future and we will post a notice on our website if this is the case.

We do also operate a fund in the North West of England - the North West Fund 4 Digital & Creative. If the business opportunity could realistically relocate to the area, we would be delighted to consider the funding application and invite you to read further information and apply here.


About the Creative Capital Fund (CCF)

The CCF is a £6.5m equity fund that helps talented entrepreneurs and businesses in London¬ís creative industries achieve their potential by providing seed capital investment and business support. It was established in March 2005 as part of the Creative London programme. Creative London is the strategic agency for the creative industries and is part of the London Development Agency.

The CCF will make equity investments of up to £650,000 in promising early stage companies. The CCF operates as a matching fund and so every £1 invested by the CCF must be matched by at least £1 in equity from private investors on the same terms. Typically, the CCF will invest up to £75,000 in its first tranche of investment. As each investee company grows and hits commercial milestones the CCF may invest further funds up to a possible total CCF investment of £650,000 (£1,300,000 including matching funding).

In addition, the CCF works closely with seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals throughout London to offer these nascent businesses not just investment but also the mentoring and support critical for success.

The Fund is available for businesses based in Greater London.

If you are visiting our website for any of the following specific purposes, please click on the link for direct access to the appropriate part of the site:

  • Apply for funding for a creative business
  • Register as a co-investor
  • Register as a non-executive director/mentor
  • Advise new contact information

The CCF is independently managed by AXM Venture Capital Limited and the capital has been contributed by the London Development Agency and the European Regional Development Fund.

AXM Venture Capital Limited is authorised and regulated by the FSA.

The Creative Capital Fund acts for the funds it is contracted to manage or advise and not for any other client. It will not act for or be responsible for providing investor protection to any other party. Entrepreneurs, co-investors and others working with the CCF should be aware of this and should not expect to be treated as clients of the CCF.

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