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Greenman Gaming has teamed up with Gaikai to let customers try before they buy


Greenman Gaming customers can now stream and play Gaikai game demos through any of its sites including its flagship UK store and recently launched portals in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Gaikai is a cloud gaming service that lets customers sample PC games through any web browser. As well as Greenman Gaming, other Gaikai partners include Eurogamer, Best Buy US, LG and YouTube.

Paul Sulyok, Greenman Gaming CEO, said: “It’s incredibly exciting to see Gaikai teaming up with a young online retailer, as well as heavyweight publishers, retailers and media brands.”


Gaikai’s senior vice-president, interactive entertainment, Robert Stevenson said: “Greenman Gaming has demonstrated great growth and we anticipate that our streaming service will further accelerate their digital business,”

Green Man Gaming was founded in 2010 and offers 900 titles to 146 countries.

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