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Passionato is the world’s most comprehensive Classical music community site. Providing reviews, forums, blogs and other community features. Pasisonato has developed a bespoke search function that facilitates the users exposure and interaction with classical music from major and independent labels.

Launched in September 2008 and designed for classical music lovers, Passionato has been specifically developed to help organise users' existing classical CDs alongside digital tracks It provides an unprecedented level of recording information which users benefit from when they download a track, work or album, and when they import their own CD libraries to their computers; and the ability to search Passionato's recordings using over 10 fields, including by work, composer, conductor, ensemble and record label.

The CEO and Founder of Passionato is James Glicker, a senior executive with 13 years of experience in the classical music business. In recordings, he was Senior VP of worldwide Marketing for BMG Classics (trading as RCA Victor); in live performance, he was the President/CEO of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra; and in the digital arena, he was President of FullAudio (now AOL MusicNow), one of the first digital music distribution services, and VP of Marketing of GeoCities, the original social networking site.

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