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London based FindsYou Ltd develops and runs, a unique demand led solution to the increasingly crowded and cluttered Internet search space. Some call it reverse search, some call it a find engine but it is in fact an interactive notice board. It’s the new place on the Internet to find the right deal on almost any product or service.
The Company’s aim is to simplify, streamline and improve the efficiency of the Internet search experience, particularly for “real” purchasers (as opposed to casual surfers).
The site launched in July 2008 as a beta with an initial focus on cars and property. Buyers tell the site what they want in detail and their requirements are matched with sellers. The matching happens automatically and instantaneously, saving time and money on both sides.
Six months after launch the Company has over 5,500 car dealers and estate agents (the supply side) signed up. This represents 20% of the available market in those two sectors. The system now generates a significant volume of leads per day to supply side members so buyers always get a good response. Speed and scale of take up on the supply side has exceeded expectations. Larger groups are joining alongside the smaller independents. From Foxtons, Your Move and Chestertons in property to the Wayside Group, Renault Retail and Mercedes-Benz Retail in cars.
The business has first rate partners in each of its chosen categories. WhatCar? (Haymarket Publishing) and have committed to long term relationships, and in the case of Haymarket there is commitment to extend the concept into other areas covered by both their on and off-line activity.
The business plans to consolidate its already strong position in cars and property and successfully move a significant percentage of its supply side members from free to fee from January 2010 onwards. In addition, steps will be taken to offer a tailored version of the service to closed user groups (using a number of Universities as partners) and localised geographies (using the local press and publishing groups as partners). There is strong interest in partnerships in both areas.
FindsYou was founded by Guy Walker in 2007. Previously Guy was CFO of Initiative Media Worldwide. Adrian Cox, ex CEO of Ask Europe, is non-executive Chairman

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