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Rights Tracker Ltd


Rights Tracker provides software systems that allow clients to maximise the potential of their intellectual property (IP). Initially focusing on the television sector, Rights Tracker enables rights owners to maximise the licence revenue, minimise the administrative burden, and ensure efficient stewardship of company assets. IP rights and contracts are recorded and organised using Rights Tracker software, and any potential areas where rights can be exploited are identified. For production companies, international distributors, broadcasters, and other rights-holding organisations, correctly identifying and valuing IP is a crucial revenue source.

Since 2004, Rights Tracker Ltd has been developing a comprehensive suite of rights and sales management solutions for the broadcast industry. The Rights Tracker team has a deep understanding of the market issues, having for many years suffered the frustrations of being end-users of slow, expensive, dated, and functionally-limited systems. It is this understanding that has helped the company create a winning product that has already been sold to eight out of the top 30 UK-based TV distributors. The software, uses state-of-the-art web-based component technology, and is scalable, robust, portable and easy to use. Whilst standard Rights Tracker products cover most industry demands, the software’s unique architectural framework means that bespoke elements can be incorporated in order to meet individual client requirements.

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