Creative Capital Fund

Hot House Fiction


HHF is a children's specific book and original content developer. It researches and originates highly targeted fiction series which are then licensed to international publishing companies for publication (production, marketing and distribution). HHF acts as the author – retaining all of the subsidiary rights but also receiving advances and subsequent royalties from the publisher.

For the UK this is a relatively new approach to fiction writing using the experience from partwork publishing to identify publishing opportunities (i.e. 8-10 boys’ horror stories), then extensively researching and testing story outlines, writers, marketing material and covers. The books are commissioned from experienced authors for a flat fee (and a rights waiver).and these may have different writers writing under the same penname.

The company currently has 7 new series contracted with international publishers and is discussions with one group around an option for the film rights for one of the series currently in publication.

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