Creative Capital Fund

Slingshot Productions Ltd


Slingshot is an all-digital, British film company that is dedicated to making good films, differently.

Our contention is that the digital revolution fundamentally transforms the old rules of the film industry. If properly harnessed, digital enables the making of more interesting movies, and permits new and better ways for those movies to find their audiences.

Launched in 2006, Slingshot has produced and co-financed four movies to date and is also experimenting with the distribution and marketing of several acquired titles. The company enjoys slate co-financing deals with BBC Films and Screen West Midlands and intends to continue to make 2-3 films each year, drawn from a tightly focused development slate with a bias towards comedies, thrillers and youth stories.

Slingshot is headed by Arvind Ethan David and is backed by specialist VC firms including Arts Alliance and the Creative Capital Fund.

Slingshot's first film, Sugarhouse, was released in UK cinemas in August 2007. Its second film, French Film, stars Hugh Bonneville and Eric Cantona was released in 2008.

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