Hothouse Fiction announces TV ad campaigns for new book series

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Creative agency and book packager, Hothouse Fiction is launching targetted TV ad campaigns for the first time to support the marketing of its two latest book series. The TV ads mark an expansion of Hothouse’s role into book promotion alongside the publishers of its children’s books.

The two series are a six-parter Secret Kingdom, created for girls aged five plus and published by Orchard in July, and the five-part Quest of the Gods, a series for boys aged 7 to 10 published by Usborne in September.

Reg Wright, Hothouse Fiction CEO, said: “In return for the creation and placement of the TV ads, Hothouse is able to negotiate larger print-runs, broader distribution and complementary added-value items such as stickers, websites, eBooks and competitions.

“The TV ads have changed the confidence of publishers in their sell-in to the retailers. If our publishers show retailers their confidence to invest in a multi-book series and to promote it on the most popular entertainment channels for its audiences, our publishers’ sales teams are more able to get commitment from retailers to stock and promote our books. In this way Hothouse is beginning to redefine its role as a creator of fiction series into that of a collaborative content-provider: a partner rather than a supplier in the rapidly changing publishing marketplace.”

Since its launch three years ago, Hothouse Fiction has sold 21 serials and series to publishers and is in negotiation with three more. Already this year the four-part Bake A Wish series has been published by Scholastic and four of eight-parter Spell Sisters has been published by Simon & Schuster.

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