The North West Fund for Digital & Creative helps launch software start-up and leads £435,000 investment round

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The North West Fund for Digital & Creative, managed by AXM Venture Capital Limited, has supported the launch of new software venture, Sitedesk Limited ( which will this Summer launch a market-leading on-site BIM (Building Information Modelling) collaboration tool, Sitedesk Dabit.

The initial development work on Sitedesk Dabit was commissioned by construction entrepreneurs Paul Grady and Danny Doohan, who saw the opportunity for a tool that bridged the gap between architects’ 3D models and the on-site project manager.

The North West Fund for Digital & Creative introduced the Company’s new chief technology officer, Chris Sewart, who previously acted as CTO at Yuuguu prior to its successful exit; and also introduced chairman Craig Slater, who ran the listed construction software company Eleco PLC until 2011. Sitedesk is currently recruiting a sales director and CEO, and is based in Cheadle, Greater Manchester.

The North West Fund for Digital & Creative, which is part of The North West Fund and is financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the European Investment Bank, will invest alongside other investors including the founders and Craig Slater in a total round of £435,000.

Sitedesk Dabit allows collaborative working between designers and contractors, using tablets and other mobile devices, allowing live, synchronised access to the 3D model without the need for high-end workstations. Crucially, it creates an intuitive repository for all the information created during a building’s construction phase, supporting both the construction project manager and the eventual facilities manager.

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